MIDA - Saffron Liqueur

The most precious spice in the world is used to obtain a refined liqueur produced using only and exclusively saffron.

The union between saffron and cereal alcohol is MIDA, a golden yellow liqueur packed in elegant bottles: MIDA is produced using 100% pure saffron.

Once tasted, one is fascinated by the explosion of persistent and highly aromatic scents, a sensation equal to that experienced by the mythical King.

MIDA, tasted fresh, goes perfectly with all the Sardinian traditional desserts.

Habanito - Habanero Pepper Liqueur

Habanito is a pepper liquor made only of habanero peppers cultivated in our farm. It's a brand new liquor in which its spicy character is balanced by its persistentflower-like flavour (in fact, the caraibic peppers - the habaneros - are more aromatic than the mediterranean ones).

My firm is one of the first that have produced a liquor like this in Italy.

Habanito means fun and party, its hotteness can ignite immediatly every kind of cocktail.

Best serving: (very) cold, accompanied by dark chocolate or orange and cinnamon.


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