Prendas De Marganai is a farm located in Iglesias (Southern Sardinia) at the foot of Mount Marganai, which with its grandeur overlooks the farm.

The company's history is rooted in the 1950s, when my grandfather reinvented himself as a farmer, giving life to this family-run business, which over the decades has seen the different generations work with the same enthusiasm and commitment of the beginning.

At the age of 33 I also made my choice of life: I reinvented myself as a farmer like my grandfather. And after many analyses and studies I decided to manage the farm with organic farming techniques, experimenting with new crops if compared to the past, such as saffron and spelt.

All the products that are born in my company are a hard conquest obtained with sacrifice and are precious to me, that is the reason why I decided to call them as the Sardinian filigree jewels, called prendas.